M’Sur is a digital newspaper, founded in Cádiz in 2007, and designed in the first place for the Spanish reader, but we are slowly expanding ourselves into other languages, too. For the moment, we offer some selected texts in Italian and English.  All translation work is done either by volunteers or by students in the framework of University internships. Since 2010, M’Sur has an agreement with Sevilla University for this task.

Fancy helping us out by translating a few texts? No pay offered – remember: M’Sur is a nonprofite association and so far nobody here has been paid for their work – but an intense learning experience ahead. Just contact us.

Volunteers who have worked on English translations here:
Ana Fernanda Hierro Barba


All articles in English

You might like reading Uri Avnery‘s weekly column, too. We translate it into Spanish but you can access the original English version at Gush Shalom.


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