The National Riddle




What is the difference between a “corporation” and an “authority?

You don’t know? Join the 8.5 million Israelis who don’t know either.

It’s a national riddle. The whole country is absorbed by it. The Prime Minister announces that he will “go to the very end” to achieve his end. Which end? I don’t know. I am not sure that he knows. Nobody I know knows.

The Prime Minister threatens the worst. If he does not get his way – whatever it is – he will do something absolutely awful: announce new elections. Let the people decide whether they want the authority or the corporation. Whatever they are.

What is it all about? One thing is certain: it concerns the public media.

Binyamin Netanyahu wants to have them under his control. Completely. Totally. Radio. Television. The social media. The lot.

Seems it is not so easy to get a firm grip on them.

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The National Riddle


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Periodista y ex diputado israelí. Nacido en 1923 en Alemania, emigró con su familia en 1933...


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The National Riddle


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