Eyeless in Gaza




I have a unique confession to make: I like Gaza.

Yes, I like this far-away corner of Palestine, the narrow strip on the way to Egypt, in which two million human beings are crowded, and which is closer to hell than to heaven.

My heart goes out to them.

I have spent quite a lot of time in the Strip. Once or twice I stayed there with Rachel for a couple of days. I became friendly with some people whom I admired, people like Dr. Haidar Abd-al-Shafi, the leftist doctor who set up the Gazan health system, and Rashad al-Shawa, the former Mayor, an aristocrat from birth.

After the Oslo agreement, when Yasser Arafat came back to the country and set up his office in Gaza, I met him there many times. I brought to him groups of Israelis. On his first day there he sat me on the dais next to him. A photo of that occasion now looks like science fiction.

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Uri Avnery
Periodista y ex diputado israelí. Nacido en 1923 en Alemania, emigró con su familia en 1933...



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Eyeless in Gaza


  1. ahmad says:

    Ury: Cómo puedes decirte judío y al mismo tiempo ateo? Acao la religión se lleva en la sangre? No eres más que un sionista resentido. Poco has parendido en tus 90 años.

    • estrella says:

      usted si es un resentido, sobre todo inculto, deje que leamos a este gran periodista, a mi me encanta,


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