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  • Palestine’s Nelson Mandela

    Palestine’s Nelson Mandela

    Uri Avnery |
    Marwan Barghouti could be the Palestinian leader who will achieve peace.

  • The Tunic of Nessos

    The Tunic of Nessos

    Uri Avnery |
    The easy victory in the war of 1967 is a curse that is destroying Israel.

  • The Most Moral Army

    The Most Moral Army

    Uri Avnery |
    The rules of war ban killings not needed to achieve victory.

  • Perhaps the Messiah will Come

    Perhaps the Messiah will Come

    Uri Avnery |
    Israelis face reality in their own way: not facing it at all.

  • The Cannons of Napoleon

    The Cannons of Napoleon

    Uri Avnery |
    Herzog’s idea of postponing peace negotiations for 10 years is preposterous.

  • How did it start?

    How did it start?

    Uri Avnery |
    Since 1908, Zionists chose to ally with the Empire against the local people.

  • That’s how it happened

    That’s how it happened

    Uri Avnery |
    Arab countries didn’t accept the UN partition plan in 1948 and war started.

  • El último desalojo de los colonos

    Desalojo de colonos judíos de Amona en Cisjordania (Feb 2017) | © Ana Alba

    Palestina | Israel evacúa el asentamiento de Amona pero aprueba legalizar 50 otros, expropiando tierras.

  • Respect the Green Line

    Respect the Green Line

    Uri Avnery |
    Boycotting the whole of Israel helps the settlers in the West Bank.

  • El arte de dar por el trasero

    El arte de dar por el trasero

    Eyal Weizman: A través de los muros (2007)

  • Being there

    Being there

    Uri Avnery |
    The further a Jew is removed from Israel, the more fanatically Zionist he is.

  • Confessions of a Megalomaniac

    Confessions of a Megalomaniac

    Uri Avnery |
    The Two-State Solution is still the only game in town.

  • Yes, We Can

    Yes, We Can

    Uri Avnery |
    The settlers are trying to block peace, but they can be overcome.

  • Don’t Send Him!

    Don’t Send Him!

    Uri Avnery |
    Trump appoints right wing lawyer Friedman as ambassador in Israel.

  • Remember Naboth

    Remember Naboth

    Uri Avnery |
    Israel will legalize the confiscation of Palestinian lands. This is theft.

  • El hombre que pudo ser Gorki

    El hombre que pudo ser Gorki

    Gassan Kanafani: Una trilogía palestina (1969)

  • The Israeli Trumpess

    The Israeli Trumpess

    Uri Avnery |
    Minister Miri Regev is sowing hatred instead of promoting Mizrahi culture.

  • The Funeral Ruckus

    The Funeral Ruckus

    Uri Avnery |
    The Arab citizens of Israel must take part in the peace camp.

  • It can happen here

    It can happen here

    Uri Avnery |
    Merkel had the courage to take in the Syrian refugees. Now she is paying the price.

  • Hatred Unlimited

    Hatred Unlimited

    Uri Avnery |
    Palestinian and Israeli society are getting both more religious… and hateful.