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  • Two Souls

    Two Souls

    Uri Avnery |
    Many Jews do not believe in God, but believe that God has chosen the Jews.

  • The Siamese Twins

    The Siamese Twins

    Uri Avnery |
    Rabin was not a man of peace, but he changed his mind because of logic.

  • Are You Brainwashed?

    Are You Brainwashed?

    Uri Avnery |
    All of the Israeli media are connected to one line when it comes to war and peace.

  • The Day of Shame

    The Day of Shame

    Uri Avnery |
    Hardly anybody in Israel has condemned the massacre in Gaza.

  • Una salvación y una condena

    Bandera israelí en el Muro de las Lamentaciones, Jerusalén (2013) |   © Ilya U. Topper / M'Sur

    Israel | En el 70º aniversario de la Nakba, no solo Palestina sigue bajo ocupación; también Israel se aleja de sus ideales.

  • Rabelaisiano, casi punk

    Rabelaisiano, casi punk

    Rutu Modan: Cena con la reina (2010)

  • Who is the vassal?

    Who is the vassal?

    Uri Avnery |
    Why do Trump and Netanyahu withdraw from the Iranian deal?

  • That Woman

    That Woman

    Uri Avnery |
    Golda Meir hated the Arabs… just like Israel’s leaders today.

  • The Real Victor

    The Real Victor

    Uri Avnery |
    The real legacy of Ben Gurion is the war with the Arab world.

  • The Great Day

    The Great Day

    Uri Avnery |
    The real legacy of Ben Gurion is the war with the Arab world.

  • Qué odioso era mi kibbutz

    Qué odioso era mi kibbutz

    Amos Oz: Tierra de chacales (1965)

  • A. B. Yehoshua

    A. B. Yehoshua (Granada, May 2016) |   © Ilya U. Topper / M'Sur

    Escritor | «Los judíos no veían sus países como una patria sino como un hotel»

  • El falso enemigo

    El falso enemigo

    Uri Avnery |
    Netanyahu has adopted hatred of Iran as his main political instrument.

  • The Great Conspiracy

    The Great Conspiracy

    Uri Avnery |
    ‘Oriental’ Jews were treated badly in Israel, but so where others.

  • Because there is Nothing

    Because there is Nothing

    Uri Avnery |
    Netanyahu’s followers forgive him everything because they think he is a great statesman.

  • Go in Peace!

    Go in Peace!

    Uri Avnery |
    Netanyahu has no successor. Who could be the next Prime Minister?

  • Ada Yonath

    Ada Yonath (Sevilla, Feb 2018) |  © Jesús Barrera

    Científica | «Sin curiosidad no se va a ninguna parte»

  • Pity the Almond Tree

    Pity the Almond Tree

    Uri Avnery |
    The Legal Advisor of Israel has to decide if Netanyahu must be indicted.

  • What the Hell?

    What the Hell?

    Uri Avnery |
    Since the Holocaust, the re-Judaization of Israel has been in progress.

  • “Not Enough!”

    “Not Enough!”

    Uri Avnery |
    Israelis still hate Poland, although there is no historical reason for it.