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  • Because there is Nothing

    Because there is Nothing

    Uri Avnery |
    Netanyahu’s followers forgive him everything because they think he is a great statesman.

  • Go in Peace!

    Go in Peace!

    Uri Avnery |
    Netanyahu has no successor. Who could be the next Prime Minister?

  • Pity the Almond Tree

    Pity the Almond Tree

    Uri Avnery |
    The Legal Advisor of Israel has to decide if Netanyahu must be indicted.

  • Three Men in a Car

    Three Men in a Car

    Uri Avnery |
    Netanyahu’s son represents a new form of corrupt government.

  • Pickled Cucumbers

    Pickled Cucumbers

    Uri Avnery |
    The Israeli peace camp is in a mood of desperation, a sour mood.

  • The National Riddle

    The National Riddle

    Uri Avnery |
    Netanyahu tries to reform the broadcasting authority in order to control the media.

  • Oh My God, Trump!

    Oh My God, Trump!

    Uri Avnery |
    Please vote for Clinton, if you like her or not. Trump is too big a risk.

  • The Great Railway Scandal

    The Great Railway Scandal

    Uri Avnery |
    Merkel had the courage to take in the Syrian refugees. Now she is paying the price.

  • The Second Coming?

    The Second Coming?

    Uri Avnery |
    Can Ehud Barak come back as a savior and beat Netanyahu?

  • Petty Corruption

    Petty Corruption

    Uri Avnery |
    Maybe the only way to get rid of Netanyahu is indicting him for corruption.

  • King Bibi

    King Bibi

    Uri Avnery |
    Binyamin Netanyahu becomes Primer Minister for life. So he believes.

  • Adolf, Amin and Bibi

    Adolf, Amin and Bibi

    Uri Avnery |
    To suggest that the Mufti of Jerusalem proposed the holocaust to Hitler is insane.

  • The Ministry of Fear

    The Ministry of Fear

    Uri Avnery |
    The mixture of pride and profound fears is a hallmark of today’s Israel.

  • Sheldon’s Stooges

    Sheldon’s Stooges

    Uri Avnery |
    Adelson has bought Netanyahu to place a stooge in the White House.

  • BDS, el nuevo enemigo

    BDS, el nuevo enemigo

    Uri Avnery |
    Netanyahu encuentra una nueva amenaza en la campaña de boicot.

  • Pesadilla de noche y día

    Pesadilla de noche y día

    Uri Avnery |
    Un gobierno de 61 escaños no se lo desearía ni a mi peor enemigo.

  • Un chico llamado Bibi

    Un chico llamado Bibi

    Uri Avnery |
    Netanyahu ha vivido siempre a la sombra de su padre y su hermano.

  • Un saco de gatos

    Un saco de gatos

    Uri Avnery |
    Todos los altos cargos de la derecha se pelean por 18 ministerios.

  • El desastre, tal vez la solución

    El desastre, tal vez la solución

    Carmen Rengel |
    La reelección de Netanyahu deja claro el panorama para los palestinos.

  • El Mesías no ha venido

    El Mesías no ha venido

    Uri Avnery |
    Bibi no se ha ido. Pero ahora es el momento de refundar la izquierda.