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  • The Luck of the Gambler

    The Luck of the Gambler

    Uri Avnery |
    Netanyahu has too much luck. It is uncanny.

  • The Day of Shame

    The Day of Shame

    Uri Avnery |
    Hardly anybody in Israel has condemned the massacre in Gaza.

  • Una salvación y una condena

    Bandera israelí en el Muro de las Lamentaciones, Jerusalén (2013) |   © Ilya U. Topper / M'Sur

    Israel | En el 70º aniversario de la Nakba, no solo Palestina sigue bajo ocupación; también Israel se aleja de sus ideales.

  • Eyeless in Gaza

    Eyeless in Gaza

    Uri Avnery |
    Killing unarmed demonstrators is a crime against them and against Israel.

  • A Song is Born

    A Song is Born

    Uri Avnery |
    Ahed Tamimi has turned into a powerful national symbol of the Palestinians.

  • Son of a dog

    Son of a dog

    Uri Avnery |
    In a few weeks we’ll see a new stage of the conflict in Palestine: non-violent struggle.

  • May Your Home Be Destroyed

    May Your Home Be Destroyed

    Uri Avnery |
    Abbas has put an end to the fiction that there is a “peace process” going on.

  • The Man Who Jumped

    The Man Who Jumped

    Uri Avnery |
    The Israeli Left proposes proposes a solution, the Right vague sentiments.

  • Cry, Beloved Country

    Cry, Beloved Country

    Uri Avnery |
    My army is shooting people who are not threatening anybody.

  • Children of Stones

    Children of Stones

    Uri Avnery |
    To rebel against the oppressor, even if it’s useless, confers power

  • From Barak to Trump

    From Barak to Trump

    Uri Avnery |
    There is open season for Peace Plans but they are sheer lunacy.

  • A History of Idiocy

    A History of Idiocy

    Uri Avnery |
    Great wars, including the Palestinian conflict, are caused by foolish rulers.

  • Two Meetings

    Two Meetings

    Uri Avnery |
    Rabin and Arafat were quite different, but both were fighters who turned to peace.

  • A New Start

    A New Start

    Uri Avnery |
    The Labour Party needs a new leader – and it selects a right wing politician.

  • The Terrible Problem

    The Terrible Problem

    Uri Avnery |
    The right of return of Palestinians is sacred, but solutions can be found.

  • A Tale of Two Stories

    A Tale of Two Stories

    Uri Avnery |
    Finally we have a real Jewish fascist who proposes a final solution.

  • Thank you, Smotrich

    Thank you, Smotrich

    Uri Avnery |
    Finally we have a real Jewish fascist who proposes a final solution.

  • Despair of Despair

    Despair of Despair

    Uri Avnery |
    We can’t sit and hope for the boycott movement to change Israel.

  • A Confession

    A Confession

    Uri Avnery |
    Today is the last day of the 93rd year of my life. Am I satisfied?

  • Crusaders and Zionists

    Crusaders and Zionists

    Uri Avnery |
    Crusaders never wanted peace with the “enemies of God” and had a sad ending.